About Rurallife Festival

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  • 2016-07-22 17:13:14

Meinong Rural Life Festival has been entered its fifth, the first to third positioning in rhymes, laid a new generation of elements Hakka Nursery Rhyme series, then advanced into the last year targeting young people of  "What is x + y " album, the lyrics of this album is selected from Meinong & Qishan junior high school students. Before entering the lyrics composing , they have to join a "Youth Music Workshop" course, which induce teenagers surging creativity, and ultimately made into a rich musical assets. In the Rural Festival,  this teenage album released at the same day, everywhere excited teenagers creativity, as well as parents to give recognition.


This year's team planned a new theme: "Hakka New Generation" as the title, and plans to expand "Youth Music Workshop", from one to two days. The team arrange music composers and band members share their own experiences, and have more communications with teenagers. At the same time, we will continue to promote the album through the "Youth Dance Challenge”as last year, so that young people can share their creativity in different ways.

Meinong Rurall Music Festival will present authentic, new generations of Hakka

music culture, and to promote the tourism development and creative marketing to

reach "12 Great inn festival" in localized, sightseeing, sophistication and


Meinong Rurall Music Festival also set up a com-operation with community

involvement, and establish a government and private together publishing model,.

Meanwhile, the team also plans to introduce a non-hakka musicican cooperation,

through cross-over co-operation and let this teenage album to become a more

general level.